Day 40: May 18, 1991

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Park # 39

What I Remember

Among the list of figures I need to research while putting the final touches on In League with America, how many first pitches we threw, However, I will never forget the first one, it was 30 years ago today in Fort Lauderdale.

I recall that we were a little surprised not to find a bigger crowd for a Saturday night game in a metropolitan area of several million people but we soon learned that small crowds are a fact of life in the Florida State League. The month of March has a combination that is hard to live up to in the Sunshine State, the weather is perfect, sunny and warm but usually not too hot and major league players are on honing their skills on the field.

But from mid April through August temperatures go up and the level of play, let’s just say its another level, and so the big spring training parks are often mostly empty for Florida State League play.

The Game(s)

Baseball City Royals 5 Fort Lauderdale Yankees 3 (10 Inns)

The Box

The Trip

Not only did we get to throw out the first pitch in Fort Lauderdale, the Yankees staff also got us a hotel room for the night and given that our bank account was nearly down to zero at that point it was much appreciated.

A Note about this Site

This site is intended to be a companion to the upcoming book In League with America. Although some games were particularly notable and will appear in the book, most of the results of the 199 games we saw over the course of the 1991 season will not. Our journey was never really intended to be at the games themselves, it was about the places we saw and the people we met along the way.

However, there is now an historic nature to the results from this season. All of the players we saw then, even in the minors, have long since retired. Some of the players we saw at Class A are now members of the Baseball Hall of Fame. These pages, then, will function as kind of a digital appendix with a brief recollection of each day, the result of the game(s) we saw that day and a map of our daily drive.